PHILATELY Sultanate of Oman

James Butterworth

OMAN First Day Covers Required by James Butterworth

45  225  25b National Day. Gas Plant

     226   75b National Day. Dhow and modern trawler

46  227   40b Armed Forces Day. Sultan Qaboos on Horseback

     228   100b Armed Forces Day. Sultan Qaboos as a soldier

47  229   50b 1400th Anniv of Higira. Mosque, Mecca

     230   150b 1400th Anniv of Higira. Mosque and Kaaba, Mecca

48  231   75b National Day. Bab Alkabir

     232   100b National Day. Corniche

     233   250b National Day. Polo Match

     234   500b National Day. Omani women

50  237   50b National Police Day. Policewoman helping Children across rd

     238   100b National Police Day. Police bandsmen

     239   150b National Police Day. Mounted Police

     240   1/2r National Police Day. Police Headquarters

55  248   160b National Day. Al Razha

     249    Souvenir Card. 248/249 Imperferate on Card. Sold by Post Office.

57  255    100b Armed Forces Day. Parachute-drop

     256    400b Armed Forces Day. Missile-armed corvettes

58  257    50b National Police Day. Police Launch

     258    100b National Police Day. Royal Oman Police Band at Cardiff

71  287    100b Armed Forces Day.Machine Gun Post

111 381   80b 40th Ann of Gulf Air. Emblem and Airplane

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